Monday, September 15, 2014

"License And Registration Please" Fast Police Cars - Courageous or Dumb?

So who do you think has the fastest police cars?  Texas?  Nevada?  Califoria?  Italy?  Germany?

I had no idea until I saw this......

Did he say 267 MPH and zero to 60 MPH in 2.5 seconds?

When I was a young child, I remember my relatives and parents bragging about an older cousin who had the fastest car in the county.  Naturally, in order to hold that claim, he had to race it a few times.  People would come from all over the state to race him.  I'm sure money was involved and perhaps "pink slips" but no one really focused on that aspect of the story.  The emphasis of the story was that the police would see him racing and lay chase.  After following him a few times, they realized their cars were no match for his so they would just head over and wait for him at my grandmother's house where he lived. Fortunately, it was a small rural county and my Grandmother was well-known and highly respected so my cousin generally got away with a ticket and some harsh words.  I can imagine my Grandmother in her very gentle manner, offering the law officers coffee, tea, or a slice of peach or apple pie which she always seemed to have cooling somewhere in the kitchen......

Something to be said for living in small rural towns I guess.

Just my opinion of course, but I'm thinking 267 MPH is a bit excessive.  If a criminal is driving that fast, I think it's time to call in the helicopters and/or wait for him to crash (or in the case of Los Angeles, - run into a traffic jam).

Cars that fast need to be on the track!

I'm glad they use them to bridge the gap with the local populace and to improve public relations.