Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The End of Illness!

The End of Illness by David B. Agus, MD..... Something to ponder!

Will I die of cancer or some other sickness, disease, or medical disorder? Will I get hit by a car and die of "complications?" Will I die in an airplane accident, or meet my end in some other tragic manner?

How many of you have asked these questions? What if you could eliminate the "get sick and die" option from consideration?

I'm asking: "Could we possibly have reached a point in our evolution where medicine, technology, education, and common sense have all come together to end illness?"

This is certainly a question worth pondering so I just picked up the book: The End of Illness, by David B. Agus, MD because I want to know!

Check out this clip from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart:

Thanks Dr. David Agus for writing this book!

Now all of you bloggers sitting behind your computer for hours at a time....

"Get UP And MOve!"

Here's wishing everyone happiness, health, and an end to your illness!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creative Ads! Clean Bottle Shows us Guts and Glory!

One thing I hate more than just about anything is trying to clean the bottom of some glasses and bottles. My hands are sometimes too big to get to the bottom. I've tried brushes and sponges with handles but it's still very challenging.

So guess what? Someone came up with the obvious solution!

I just had to post about this....

Not only is this just a great idea.... A removable bottom that you can clean thoroughly.... But I love the creative approach to advertising and branding this product. (How did they film this clip?)

Personally, I think the price point might be a tad bit high but I love the concept!

See more at:

Good luck guys!