Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nature's paradoxical Imperfection


Is Nature perfect?  Can Nature be imperfect? Can we as humans judge something that we know and understand so little about? What is perfect?  What is Nature? Ponder those ideas for a few minutes but don't get too wrapped around the complexities of Nature, Paradoxes, or Perfection.  That's a jumble reserved for the likes of Haskell Curry.  Besides, thinking that deeply now about anything makes my brain hurt and it's not my intent to cause you or me any pain!

On a superficial note, about two years ago, I was walking in central London SW1, just Footsteps (shout out)  from Buckingham Palace and St. James' Park, when I spied this flower.  The color captivated me... Mango? Peach?  Hints of curry?  Yellow, red, and orange! Was it nature's intent for me to stop in my tracks and take notice? Is it nature's intent for me to stop what I'm doing right now and stare at this flower and reminisce of years, times, and experiences gone by?   Who knows?

I hope you find time today to stop and smell the flowers and enjoy my photo!  :)