Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Courageous Tax Day Freebies! 2015

Most of us know how taxing "Tax Day" can be!

It's "punfully" painful!

You work all year long to earn money and then Uncle Sam, (and most likely your State), makes you hustle through the paperwork shuffle to make sure you have paid him what you owe.  If you have overpaid, guess what?  You get a refund!  Yippie! Hallelujah!  No interest or consideration for allowing them the benefit of using your money for up to an entire year.  However, if you happen to owe....  Don't be late paying because they will hound you and penalize you to no end.   And if you cheat or evade...  You can end up in jail.  Just ask Al Capone.

You know what I say...?  Tax rates aside, It's probably a pretty good system we have here in the U.S. all things considered.  Let's just get rid of some of the red tape and bureaucracy. At least we have representation right? Just ask those "Tea Party" guys about representation.  And I don't mean the current ones.  I'm talking about those courageous guys who dumped all of that tea into the water in Boston a couple hundred years ago.  Now that was a Courageous move.  Started a war I think.

Anyway, enough of my rambling.

 Here's a pleasant twist on Tax Day...  In honor of our struggles, many businesses are offering  Free or Discounted stuff today.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. McDonald's -  Some participating McDonald's will give you a Quarter Pounder or Big Mac for a penny with the purchase of the same.
  2. Sonny's BBQ- Offering Half-priced IRS- (get it?) Irresistible Ribs Special.
  3. Kona Ice.  Kona Ice will be offering FREE shaved ice on Wednesday, April 15th.  How about that to help you CHILL OUT!  Find the truck nearest you by tweeting at: @konaIce.
  4. Office Depot- Get rid of that junk.  Office Depot offers a pretty good special.  In fact, you may want to plan accordingly in case they offer it next year.  From now until April 25th, customers can bring in up to two pounds of documents to shred for free in any Office Depot/OfficeMax store location. Follow this link and look for the coupon:  You can also try this direct link:  .  I know 2 pounds may not seem like a lot but it's certainly a step in the right direction so get out there and Shred those old tax documents it's time to make room for some new junk!

And my ultimate favorite:

Hard Rock Cafe - Talk about ending on a high note.  Hard Rock is offering free Burgers to those willing to take their issues with "Tax Day" to the stage and Sing for their Supper!  This April 15th, guests who visit select Hard Rock Cafe locations across the country and sing a song on the cafe stage will receive a free Local Legendary Burger.

I'm sure this will be quite entertaining. Naturally, please confirm that these promotions still exist before you rush in with expectations of free or discounted goods.  And please leave any other suggestions or leads to "Tax Day" deals in my comment box!  Thanks.

Happy Tax Day!

Unfortunately, I won't have time to get anything today.  I'll be working on my taxes until the bitter end!

LOL.  Just kidding!  It's Martini Time!


Jane Turley said...

Were you tipsy when you wrote this Mr I?! Typos, exclaimations, LOLs - it was just like one of my posts! Obviously you are suffering from Post traumatic tax disorder. I had to file my first tax return this year -wish I'd kept some records -would have made it a whole lot easier. Still I reckon with a loss Her Majesty's tax dept wouldnt be too concerned:D I was super efficient though getting it in before the deadline - about two hours before it closed. Next yr I hope to improve my skills and get in three hours before. (LOL)

intrepidideas said...

Wow. You're right. I must have been a bit tipsy. Or perhaps you have diagnosed me correctly. PTTD. That's a good one. I hope to get some mileage out of it. Congrats! On filing your first return. I guess that means you've arrived. Now you'll spend your time trying to get back to where you were before you arrived! I think we could make a good team. Thanks for reading and commenting. I miss posting. :)

Jane Turley said...

So are you offering to do my tax return if I ever get out the red, Mr I? It's negotiable:D

So whatcha been up to? Are you well?

intrepidideas said...

Sure... I'll help you with your taxes. What are a few numbers among friends? Naturally, I'll give you great terms! All is well here. A bit of travel lately. I hope to find the motivation to post about my experiences soon. Things must be exciting on your end huh?

Jane Turley said...

Sounds like you need a bit of a break, Mr I:) I get the impression you have been working very hard these last few years but you would have quit blogging altogether if it was passing fad - so my concerted opinion is you need some downtime to chill, write and let it all hang out:D

It's been an interesting time, Mr I. I have learnt a lot about publishing. I had a top agent interested in my novel but in the end he didn't go for it. I had a major publicist due to start work soon - pulled out last week due to over commitment to her traditional pub work. Very frustrating. Now I have another one interested -but not 100% confirmed yet. (I prefer the new one - she suits my genre better although the first had represented some mega writers) Given the interest I am fairly sure I have a decent book but it's self-published and that means finding visibility is going to be hard even for a top dollar publicist.
Some aspects of self publishing are great - others not so. I don't like all the marketing, PR side and having to do the whole business side of things. I just want to be writing and entertaining and the other aspects of SP are very distracting. Still, I am making progress, albeit slowly:)

Wanda Hanson said...
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Wanda Hanson said...

Hahaha! It's always a good thing to avail free and discounted stuff from different stores during Tax Day. It does seem like a reward for everyone who had to spend a stressful week computing and filing their taxes. Of course, it's good to know we're being rewarded for being responsible citizens. In any way, thanks for sharing this! All the best!

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Jane said...

Hey, Mr I. You still well? Perhaps sitting out this crisis in Canada or Hawaii? Take care now:)

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