Monday, November 26, 2007



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Last Wednesday was a great time to take the afternoon off to catch a movie. And after some discussion about what constitutes a "Chick Flick", I was talked into seeing DAN IN REAL LIFE. This was not my first choice but I'm a team player and not totally against "chick flicks" and the ladies wanted to see it so I agreed. After all, I totally enjoyed Steve Carell in 40 year old Virgin and I was optimistic.

My Review: Wait until it comes out on DVD or catch it on cable. Very short synopsis: Boy meets girl and falls in love. Girl falls in love with Boy. Boy finds out that girl is Brother's girlfriend. Boy, Girl, and Brother run through a series of escapades, lies, deception, and shenanigans. And well, you know the rest. Suffice to say, this is a very predictable movie.

I did however, find myself laughing out loud a few times. But overall, I found myself feeling sorry for Carell's character and longing for the inevitable happy ending. Juliette Binoche is indeed a pleasure to watch and Carell is a talented and convincing actor. The two are surrounded by a somewhat idyllic family in a beautiful Autumn setting. There are certain lessons to be learned for all ages especially parents. But in my humble opinion; Save it for the small screen. Take a risk on something else at the movies.......

Enjoy your day.