Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mission Statement

Kicking it off!

Here goes..... Well, I'm relatively new to the blog sphere but I hope to become a permanent resident. I've toyed around a bit at another blog site but found it to be lacking in the tools that I need to execute my goals. For example, after spending several hours researching and composing a blog commemorating the 14 Th anniversary of the events in Somalia that precipitated the book and movie "Black Hawk Down," I was exasperated to lose all of my work. The site I was using did not have the ability to save my work and my computer locked up. Yuck! I didn't have the patience or desire to recreate the post. This site seems to have some great tools and I hope to explore them all and become more proficient in the next few weeks.

My objective here is multi-faceted. In short, I hope to spread some fresh courageous ideas through this blog as well as create a somewhat cryptic archive of my travels and thoughts. Through music, media, and prose, I hope to stimulate thought - exercise my creative side - and solicit feedback from the human race. Most importantly, I hope to realize some sort of growth from this experience. Spiritual, economic, emotional, educational or philosophical growth is all acceptable. Ultimately, I expect and hope that this journey will be a net positive gain for me and all those who visit.

I also expect that I will maintain some sort of anonymity throughout this process. Some of you may discover or know who I am. I've got love for you! Nonetheless, I hope each of you will look beyond me as a physical person and focus more on the Intrepid Ideas addressed in this blog.

I welcome your visit! I wish you well! And I hope you will comment and share your thoughts with me. Please enjoy your visit and feel free to return when it suits you.

All the best to you and yours and thanks for supporting my self-indulgence!

Intrepid Ideas


iriegal said...

Welcome to Blogger World. Yeah, I think I know who you are. Just do you and put some great content up. No Paparazzi here, just some regular folks who like to share thoughts and express themselves. congrats on your new blog.

intrepidideas said...

Hey Iriegal. Thanks for your inspiration. I just checked out your Blogs. I'm loving that Coconut Shrimp. I'll be back to try out your recipies.


donk.usa said...

Love the Photo at the bottom. I came here via the travels of Lizzie Bean, which you just left a comment on. Thanks for visiting by the way.
Although I started out on blogger, I prefer the Wordpress platform for a variety of reasons.
My other blog is . Stop by if you have the time.

Jane Turley said...

Ah ha! Finally found that mission statement! (Hmm might have been wise to have started at the beginning but as you may have realised I don't always think logically...)

Sounds like a pretty good statement to me Mr I.

And I've no idea who you are!

So you're safe!!(But not from my very bad sense of humour.)